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Our brand promise is to enable "a quantum leap". Our brand mascot is the Red Kangaroo. It can cover 27 feet in just one leap while reaching heights of 6 feet and a speed of 56 kilometre per hour. The red kangaroo's legs work like an elastic rubber band. Stretching as the animal comes down and then releasing its energy to propel the kangaroo up and forward.

About Us

Our Emblem is the Red Kangaroo

Which grows from the size as small as a cherry to 100 times its size

Our Core Values


We are ahead times. We create solutions anticipating your needs.


We are fast. We adapt quickly.
And we are flexible.


Adoroi makes it fun to work and
to do business.

Our Awards

Adoroi has been winning awards for innovation and out0of-the-box thinking.

Indian Digital Media Awards 2011

Eureka Forbes Paani Ka Doctor campaign.

AdoRoi won a bronze for Best Use of Technology at Exchange4Media's Indian Digital Media Awards 2011 for Eureka Forbes Paani Ka Doctor campaign.

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Red Herring 100 Asia 2008

Global 100 Winner 2008 – Figures among 100 most innovative & disruptive companies globally.

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Adoroi Awards

Adoroi Awards

2 innovative products

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Our Team

At Adoroi, the challenge, the constant flow of adrenaline, the need to do better, be ahead of the times make it exciting. And our team is geared to go that extra mile.

CEO of Company

Mitesh Thakker


18 Years Work Experience in Marketing & Sales

Team Member 1

Dharmista Thakker

Director Corporate

4 Years Work Experience in Management & Administration

Team Member 2

Muralitharapandian K

Director - Technical

18 Years Work Experience in Software development

Team Member 3

Satnam Singh Khanna

Manager- Software Development

10.3 Years Work Experience in Software Development

Team Member 4

Indranil Sen

Head - Corporate & Finanace

18 Years Work Experience in Accounts & Finance

Our Clients

Just some of our beloved customers we work for

In the short period of time since our inception, with Adoroi mScience, we have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry across various verticals and have executed scores of successful campaigns - offline, online and handled millions of telephone calls, successfully.

Our clients have used the tools and our unique human interface-driven reporting to make intelligent decisions.


Winning Awards and accolades has always been easy. But what we simply adore are the exclamations that our clients laud on us.

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