Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

John Wanamaker (1838-1922) was a very successful United States merchant. He opened one of the first and most successful department stores in the United States, which grew to 16 stores and eventually became part of Macy’s.

Adoroi can make John happy. We arrest media wastage.

is the most scientific
media planning tool


Now you can measure the leads
from your Press, TV and Radio


Which hoarding?
Which billboard worked? Which
kiosk is drawing the crowd? Which creative?


Which activation campaigns,
which exhibition activity is giving you
Return on Investment?


Now you can measure telephone
calls the way you measure clicks.
Which keyword works?


Measure the Impact of SMS campaigns
and Whatsapp Broadcast
lists too. Marketing Analytics at its


Which brochure, leaflet, handbill is delivering marketing results? It's amazing. Optimize your spends

India is a Smartphone country.

We help marketers use Tele-Tech effectively to increase marketing conversions


Godrej Goldilocks was able to unlock the Leads from a TV Commercial

Eureka Forbes uses the Geo-Call patch feature to send leads to specific dealers across the country

Adding intelligence to your Telephony

  • Inbound Call Tracking
  • Inbound Call SMS Notifications
  • Automatic Call recording for Quality Check
  • Auto DND Scrubbing
  • Click to Call from Website to your sales Team
  • Keyword Call Tracking

Which creative is working best for you?

Adoroi mScience can help you measure the Return on Investment of your marketing spends by tracking which creative is giving the maximum leads for you. Adoroi mScience gives you the option to track the impact of your creative, its media position and measure the results of ads within a campaign or the efectiveness of various campaigns. Adoroi mScience does that by using virtual Telephony Codes in your advertisements. The lead Management Suite will measure the leads thus giving you rich insights.

Which form is giving you maximum conversions

Adoroi mScience helps you to identify which form of advertising is giving you maximum conversions through Keyword Call Tracking. If fact, even if a visitor fills a form and does not click on the submit button, we can help youtrack the leads.

It can in effect double your advertising budgets
by cutting down wastage.

Its like a
Virtual Call Center

  • Find out which Sales Rep / Tele-Agent is the most efficient
  • Automatically route calls to your sales agent
  • Use Pincode to route calls to the nearest dealer
  • Call Recordings for Internal Training & Quality Purposes
  • Sticky Agent feature
  • Robust Contact Management

Now you do not have to advertise multiple telephone numbers in Billboard or aprint ad.Just a single number would do. The number can not only track leads but can also transfer the call to different calling agents. Whats more, the calls get recorded for you to access call quality

By ensuring that the key areas of the sales process are monitored and given attention, you can significantly improve and increase your bottom line.

Don't pay a single rupee for this robust platform

That's right. We do not charge you for the platform or for the Virtual Numbers. We only charge you for the calls and for the leads generated.

An Incredible Pay for Performance model.

A unique feature is that clients do not pay anything for using the platform but "only" for the calls and a small fee for each lead. Thus making it highly cost efficient.

The payment structure is also inversely proportionate. The more the number of leads, the lesser will be the per lead fee. Thus, making it highly performance-driven.

The sophisticated Lead Management Suite ensures that you pay just once for each "unique lead". And also differentiates between marketing leads servicing leads.

Smart Call Routing across the country. Across your Teams.


Dealer Panel:
Now in your Print Ads, you can remove the expensive Dealer Panel and replace it with a single number. And yet route call to all dealers


Efficiency Based Call Routing:
Now you can measure which tele-caller or dealer Delivers high performance. And based on that, more leads can br channelized to them.


Round Robin Call Routing:
If a prticular line called is busy, the call goes to the predetermined next person. You can program it the way you want it.

Marketing Intelligence is just a phone call away.

Detailed Dashboards | Marketing Graphs and charts

Interpretation of complex data | Competitive Intelligence

All these are just a phone call away. Our experts will deliver all these and more. FREE. As part of your annual package.

Marketing today is complex and expensive. Decisions are based on complex sets of data. Most SME clients do not have bandwidth to crunch complex numbers. This is where Adoroi mScience's Marketing Intelligence suite kicks off. Our senior team of data analysts will not only tabulate insights based on your LMS Data, but will also analyse competitive activity and tell you the reasons behind lead spikes or drop in leads data.

This service is available as an optional one-time, or continuous tracked service on a subscription model.

The result: SMEs have access to the complex data sets ans condensed presentations that can show the Return on Investment on Marketing Spends.

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your marketing leads and conversions

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